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Our reusable products offer a stylish and higher quality alternative to single use plastics so you can carry on with your day whilst caring for the environment.

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Metal straw FAQs

When Kat founded Kalleco she decided to launch the brand with metal straws. This was because it is a simple change that people can make to their lives which can make a significant impact on the environment. Straws make up 7% of the plastic debris in the oceans, so removing any from the eco-system is a big benefit. Since we launched, we get a few recurring questions about our products, so we have decided to do an FAQ about (drum roll)... straws!
A building in the UNESCO heritage site, Hoi An, Vietnam

We're all going on a half-term holiday

I did not have high hopes for the plastic situation in Vietnam when we headed there. Vietnam makes up one of the six countries that is most responsible for plastic pollution in the oceans. That said, we have been pleasantly surprised. This could be because we have been visiting beautiful Hoi An, a UNESCO heritage site.
A view of the ocean - experiences are replacing products as consumerist must haves

More, more, more!

The concept of consumerism is becoming more and more commonly used in a derogatory sense. As the environment creaks under the ever increasing weight of plastic and industrial waste, increasing numbers of people are turning on what used to be considered one of the main motors of the world.

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