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Our reusable products offer a stylish and higher quality alternative to single use plastics so you can carry on with your day whilst caring for the environment.

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A plastic band restricts the growth of a blue-striped grunt fish in the Caribbean Sea. Karen Doody/Stocktrek Images

A to Z on Eco Living - Part 1

It’s so incredible to see how ‘Green’ living is becoming more mainstream. Derided as a fringe movement in previous decades, people are coming round to understanding the importance of looking after our planet. The challenges of climate change and plastic pollution are two of the main reasons for that, and in public discourse it now seems to me that it is more of a fringe view to think that these two issues are not important.
Smoothie recipes which are healthy, vegan and best enjoyed through a reusable metal straw for zero waste

5 of our favourite smoothie recipes

Smoothies are such an amazing way to get a good dose of nutrients into you when you are in a hurry. Kat swears by them and starts every day with a super healthy balanced smoothie - sipped through a metal straw of course! To get you all in the summer mood, here are five of our favourite recipes...
Julie Strandberg, KonMari consultant

Sustainability and the KonMari Method™

Julie is a former professional dancer who has since trained as a lifestyle consultant. Her passion for simplifying your life as a means to improve wellbeing is contagious and, as you can read below, is based on personal experiences and a real commitment to improving the lives of those she works with. 

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