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Hi there,

Thank you so much for popping in and checking out Kalleco.

I have launched Kalleco to raise awareness about the unnecessary use of certain materials and substances that do real harm to our planet - in particular, single use plastics. Our plastic use in the past decade has been greater than the previous century!

Awareness of the damage plastic pollution is having on our planet is spreading and small changes that are been made are having a big impact... we just need to keep going in that direction and continue to spread the word. So, my plan is to produce a range of products that not only fill the gap between single use plastics and other harmful substances, but provide a genuinely better alternative.

Hopefully you've been checking out my range of metal straws. They've been designed and sourced with care and I've paid close attention to the little details to ensure they meet your needs.

Over time, I'll be adding more products and already have some to be launched in the coming months. Feel free to contact me with any suggestions you may have for new products, or ways to reduce single use plastic. I'd love to hear from you. Even if you just want to say hi, that's absolutely fine too!

Thanks for reading this and have a wonderful day!

Kat ♥



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