Plastic Free July!

Whilst here at Kalleco we feel that every month should be plastic free, we were delighted to see many of our friends, both in person and on social media, starting to talk about Plastic Free July! 

Plastic Free July is run from Australia, but it has become a global event. You can check out the organisers website here. There are events being run globally, and there is still time to put on your own or tie in an existing event with the campaign. As you can see from the map on the link here, there are events all over the world and all over Europe, and to find the one closest to you just click on the map. 

The website is packed full of info, tips, resources and ways to make a change, so check it out and find out how you could reduce your use of single use plastics.

It’s almost a year since we posted this blog about why there is such a problem with plastic in the oceans and around the world. And it’s not just the pollution filling the seas and landfills around us, but also plastic waste being shipped to other countries where it is supposed to be recycled, but often isn’t or is done so inefficiently as in this heartbreaking story in the Guardian. The more information that we learn about plastic waste the more daunting the challenge before us appears, but that shouldn’t mean that we stop trying to make a difference. 

So what are we doing differently for Plastic Free July? We put a lot of effort into reducing our plastic usage all the time, but as we’ve spoken about before, it can be difficult, particularly with food products. Whilst plastic is replaceable it is so cheap and easy to use for most companies, they don’t replace it. While this is frustrating, economic pressure is a big weapon that we can use. This month I’ve reduced my own plastic footprint by making my own lunches and breakfasts at home every day, using loose foods and foods that are not wrapped in plastic.

Bananas in Kalleco organic cotton net tote bag. Picture taken by @healthwithsuzi_

Even though I am always conscious of it it is not easy, and we need more zero waste stores and markets to spring up to make life easier for conscious consumers. The ‘unpacked’ Waitrose in Oxford is a start but there are 352 ‘packed’ Waitroses, not to mention all the other supermarkets who are all switching on to the environmental threat posed, but all to slowly. 

In addition to this, we have been getting on the road and hosting stalls at several small festivals around the country. A couple of weeks ago, Kat and her Mother Hen went to Bradford, where the Mind Body Soul Festival took place, and they loved the positive mindset of customers and vendors there.

Kalleco stall at a wellness event

Last weekend Kat and I went to the Universal Consciousness Festival in Camberwell on Saturday evening, where everyone was really friendly. It was interesting to see all the different perspectives, and enjoy some great music and dancing. We met Stewart St Clair there, whose show The Way Forward, is on UK Health Radio. He spoke to Kat in the week about how individuals can make a difference, her reasons for setting up Kalleco and plans for the future. You can listen here, from Friday.

UK Health Radio logoThe Way Forward on UK Health Radio

We also and we were at Hackney Vegan Village on Sunday. It was the perfect place to head for delicious planet friendly food and everything there is sustainable! From Kombucha to local breweries, and burgers to salads, there is something for everyone there. We particularly enjoyed the delicious and varied flavours from Rainforest Creations, pictured below. The next one takes place on the weekend of the 27th and 28th July.

Rainforest Creations food stall at Hackney Vegan Village

Hackney Vegan Village is part of the summer series at Bohemia Place Markets and they have events running throughout the summer. We will be returning for Hackney Fashion Festival on August 4th, which will include vintage, retro and bespoke upcycling designers. Opposite Hackney Central Tube, entrance is free. It’s open from 10:00 - 18:00 om Saturdays and 11:00 - 18:00 on Sundays so you can have a lie in before coming down! 

Hackney Fashion Festival for sustainable fashion

Our blog pages are chock full of tips and tricks about how you can reduce your plastic waste and we’re going to keep on searching for new ways to make changes and keep you updated as we come up with or discover them. Make the most of the rest of this month and use this fantastic cause as a stimulus to make further changes where you can. Plastic pollution is one of the biggest threats to the environment at the moment, and with production still at unprecedented levels, the only way to impact on it long term is to stop using it completely!

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