Six of the best: Eco Bloggers

Eco bloggers

One of the things that we have noticed as we’ve become more and more interested in sustainable living, is that traditional media isn’t great for giving you tips and advice on how to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle (have a look at our advice here). Luckily there are loads of bloggers out there who not only have great recommendations, but more often than not they’ve tried it out so you can get some real insight into what impact it can have on your life. We’ve picked out six of our favourites below – check them out!

Roots and Toots

Our latest favourites, they have been travelling around Europe telling us what a great time you can have whilst living a sustainable life. They list themselves as an alternative lifestyle blog, and they do cover your full lifestyle. From lucid dreaming to eco-tips, to a meditation on toast, Leah covers it all. She started writing it as an ethical foodie, and the blog has expanded to cover almost everything: have a read!

Talking Rubbish

What is it about East Anglia that makes people care about the environment? A lot of the people we speak to seem to come from Norwich or nearby and Jess does too. Her sustainable living blog details her journey to a life with less waste and she even talks about reducing your plastic use (our favourite!). Tips and ideas on a reduced waste lifestyle. We love it!

Gypsy Soul

Gina has been blogging for a while, on a huge variety of subjects, but her main focus is on sustainable living and simplifying your life. It’s really easy to get lost in the day to day, and her tips are really useful for giving you ideas on how to organise yourself and enjoy a sustainable life.

Eco Thrifty Living

Let’s face it, we could all do with saving some money. And if we can do it whilst living a sustainable life and watching our waste, all the better! Zoe blogs on her efforts to save money whilst living a sustainable life. She’s honest about the struggles you can have, and is even working on a course to help you reduce your kitchen waste.  

Moral Fibres

We’ve mentioned Wendy before here for her blog on what you can do to reduce waste when you menstruate. She blogs on a huge range of topics and we love her slogan… ‘Ethical living that’s hip not hippie’! There’s even a section of the website to help families (sustainable living and reducing waste can be even harder with kids), and her guide to ethical shopping in Edinburgh makes me want to go there now!

Beauty By Tahira

Tahira is a professional make-up artist, and she is passionate about introducing organic and natural make-up and beauty to the world. This is an area that is one of the hardest to be ‘ethical’ in, and she’s made it her mission to find things that are both that and natural. Tips, tutorials, and links to brands, she has them all – head there to get the low down.


These six are just some of the people out there doing fantastic work by sharing their experiences of living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. If you have a favourite eco blogger that we’ve missed contact us and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!


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