The big move (for us, not Kalleco)!

In three days we board a flight from Gatwick, and disappear off to Australia for a whole year!

It’s incredible how quickly the summer has flown by. At the start of July we came up to Kat’s mum’s house, and it’s been such a blur of saying our goodbyes and spending time with our loved ones that it seems like only yesterday.  

Australia has been a plan for us longer than Kalleco has existed… As mentioned in my previous blog it has been a dream of Kat’s since she was very young. Life has always got in the way though (by life, I mean me). We met when Kat was still at university and I was playing rugby, and then when I retired I was working to establish a new career. By the time I had done that we had our wedding to organise, and there’s always been something that seems to have taken precedence. One of our other problems was that I had already used my holiday working visa, years before Kat and I even met. 

Two years ago we decided enough was enough and over the last two years I have been saving with this purpose in mind. And now, the time has arrived! 

Kat and Joe Excited for Australia Kalleco Eco Living

What about Kalleco?

Up until now Kalleco has been very much a one woman show. Kat founded the company 14 months ago, and despite my writing these blogs and providing a sounding board for her, she does virtually everything herself. I’m constantly amazed at the new things that she learns and how effectively she puts them into practice. 

So how is she going to continue to do everything when we are on the other side of the world, I hear you ask… 

The answer is, she isn’t! 

Our saviour!

Enter Rosemary, Kat’s mum! 

Rosemary Kat's mum helping business eco living

Kat is still going to be running the business side of things - one of the great things about our connected world is that Kat can still manage the website, respond to emails, run the social media accounts, take orders in real time, and all the other things that she does, despite being half a world away. 

What she can’t do is ship any of our plastic replacing products to you (at least not without a big increase in shipping costs). 

Some spare storage space has been transformed into a stockroom, and Kat has spent the last few weeks showing her mum the ropes. They even travelled to a couple of the festivals we attended over the summer to sell products together. 

Kalleco store eco festival reusable products

Rosemary has been an absolute superstar, and we are so happy to have someone we love and trust helping us out like this. She has made Kat promise that we will be back in a year though, so chances of permanent emigration are currently looking slim! 

Everything is organised, and you can order with confidence knowing that your package will be shipped quickly from sunny Yorkshire as opposed to Australia!

Stockroom eco products Kalleco stainless steel

In other news...

We are going to be fairly hectic over the next couple of weeks, settling into our new surroundings and flat hunting, so here is an update on what else has been going on in the world of Kalleco:

  • A week ago we launched our new stainless steel metal cups These are great for taking out and about or using at home, and the stylish satin finished steel helps keep your drink cold for longer. Produced right here in the UK, they are durable and made from fully recycled materials. 

Stainless Steel Metal Cups recycled eco product Kalleco

  • You will soon be able to buy our products from CARMA, a vegan marketplace which is launching in September. We are really excited to be working with CARMA who will be acting as a hub for companies who share their vegan, conscious, modern, plant-based and ethical core values. You can sign up to their mailing list here to find out when they launch and keep up to date on some fab new brands (including us)!

CARMA Online Vegan Market Place ethical plastic free products

  • When we haven’t been packing, Kat has been frantically sourcing new products which we are going to launch over the next year. We have samples with us to test, photograph, and use on our travels so you’ll only be getting the best! It seems pretty handy that each new product line that we launch matches the latest sustainable product that Kat wants! Put simply, she is her own target market… Cater to what you know, right? 

We’ll be keeping you updated from down under, so keep reading and remember, you can’t lose if you re-use!


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