Bars and Restaurants

Curved metal straw shown in green tea matcha latte

Whether your business is big or small, we can help you respond to the needs of your conscious consumers and reduce your plastic waste. Our stylish metal straws are all made from durable 18/8 food grade stainless steel meaning they don’t change the taste of your drink and are long lasting.

As well as reducing your waste our metal straws add that extra bit of sophistication when serving your drinks. Not only are plastic straws bad for the environment, but they have a tendency to look cheap and ruin the look of a carefully crafted drink. As the UK moves towards banning all single-use plastics by 2020 being ahead of the curve demonstrates your commitment to sustainable business.

They are simple to clean and maintain, being dishwasher safe, or hand-washable with our straw-cleaning brushes.

Wholesale curved metal straws

We have special rates available for businesses, which can be found here along with our full range of straws. We are also delighted to announce that we now have short cocktail straws (not shown on our wholesale section but available on request) especially for bars and restaurants we collaborate with. All of the benefits of our longer straws, but perfect for short drinks!

If you're interested in reducing your businesses waste whilst displaying your companies eco-friendly outlook, you can order directly from our wholesale section or contact us for a customised order.

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