How Kalleco Began...

Kalleco was launched by Kat, originally from the UK but based in Thailand at the time. Time spent living and travelling in Asia proved the catalyst for the birth of Kalleco – the amount of plastic waste that could be produced by a simple trip to a convenience store made her wonder what difference she could make to reduce her environmental impact on the planet.

Anyone who has visited Thailand will be familiar with the huge number of convenience stores, and the amount of packaging provided – a plastic bottle of water will be packed in a plastic bag, and accompanied by a fistful of individually wrapped plastic straws. What struck Kat wasn’t just the lack of education about the impact that this could have on the environment, but also the lack of readily available alternatives. This is not just a problem in developing economies, with 8.5 billion plastic straws being thrown away every year in the UK.

“Kalleco’s aim is to reduce unnecessary plastic usage, particularly of single-use products. Our slogan is ‘You Can’t Lose If You Re-Use’ because individuals CAN make a difference. Our product range, which will be added to over time, will reflect this need for global change.”

Globally, governments are starting to react to the unnecessary use of plastic, and the environmental damage that it is causing. Kalleco wants to provide consumers with a cost-effective, practical and fashionable solution to this problem.

Looking over the horizon and beautiful mountains

When launching a product we ask ourselves:

1) Will this product reduce single use waste?

2) Does this product do the job as well, or better than a single use alternative?

3) Does this product provide value for money for businesses and consumers?

All of our products are responsibly sourced, directly from the manufacturers. Whilst some of our products (like our straw cleaners), may use plastic in some way, they are built to last and the environmental impact is minimised. We provide and develop products that can give solutions to real problems so you can help make a difference.

Our range of products will make a big difference, and we want to get them into as many hands as possible! We appreciate, welcome and reward any support with this. If you are interested in collaborating with us to help grow the Kalleco brand in any way, then contact us...