Straw cleaners in wholesale packs for cleaning reusable drinking straws
Reusable straw cleaner for cleaning metal straws
Close up on bristles of straw cleaner for reusable drinking straws
Straw cleaner used in metal straw

Straw cleaners - 25 pack

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Cleaning your metal straw is simple with our handy portable straw-cleaners. They fit perfectly inside all of our metal straws, removing any drink residue so that they are ready for the next use. They are also flexible so the same cleaner can be used for straight, curved, or smoothie straws.

To use:

Rinse your metal straws with warm water then sponge with washing up liquid, put a bit on your straw cleaning brush and use this in each end to remove any remaining debris. Leave both straw and cleaner to air dry. 

  • stainless steel with nylon bristles
  • 190 mm in length